Monday, May 7, 2012

Brunei - Need for kidney transplants on the rise

EFFORTS are being made in order to make kidney transplantation treatment available in the country following the increase in the number of patients requiring renal replacement therapy (RRT) as treatment for final stages of their kidney failure.

Patients undergoing RRT in Brunei had climbed from 524 in 2010 to 585 in March 2012. Thirty-four of them had undergone kidney transplantation while the remainder were treated with hemodialysis (HD) and peritonil dialysis (PD) the three methods of treatment for RRT.

Currently, Brunei sends patients to Singapore and Malaysia for kidney transplant treatment.

Dr Hjh Lailawati Hj Jumat, Director of Hospital Services at the Ministry of Health (MoH), said this during the "World Kidney Day 2012" celebration held in Suri Seri Begawan Hospital, Kuala Belait, yesterday.

"Efforts are being made in order to prepare for kidney transplant treatment here in Brunei in the future once the expertise and facility needed are available," she highlighted.

According to Dr Hjh Lailawati, there are 1,356 patients found to be in stage I, II, III and early stage IV of chronic kidney disease while 156 patients are in the final stage IV and V.

"Once patients suffered from End Stage Renal Disease (ESRD), when the function of their kidney falls to less than 10 per cent and showed sign of symptoms, then the treatment available is only RRT," said Dr Hjh Lailawati.

Before going for kidney transplantation operation, there are criteria the recipient and kidney donor have to follow according to Kidney Transplantation Policy in the country as well as the policy of the country where the operation takes place.

Patients who suffered from kidney failure are encouraged to choose kidney transplantation treatment, said Dr Hjh Lailawati.

"However, the government does not encourage patients to receive treatment from unaccredited places or accept kidneys from those without blood ties because this can encourage kidney trafficking as well as put the patients (at risk)," Dr Hjh Lailawati stressed.

"His Majesty the Sultan and Yang Di-Pertuan of Brunei Darussalam's government will continue to strive to offer the best services to patients without counting the cost of treatment so that patients can continue to lead life as best as possible," she added.

The event yesterday was a continuation of the "World Kidney Day" celebrated in March specially for Belait District as the district has the second biggest kidney centre in the country.

A forum was also held to increase the awareness on chronic kidney disease and preparations to handle the disease.

It also ensured families of patients who suffered from ESRD understand the kidney transplantation procedure. As the theme of this year's World Kidney Day in Brunei is "Donate a kidney for life", the forum aimed to inform that kidney transplantation can improve a patient's quality of life.

After the forum, a health screening was held for the audience to perform health check-ups.

The Brunei Times

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