Sunday, September 2, 2012

India - Ban on Neem by ASEAN countries triggers fresh chaos

New Delhi: Neem is considered to be highly conducive to maintain good health but in a bizarre move, ten ASEAN nations have banned selling of products made of neem.

This has not only baffled the manufacturers of Ayurvedic medicines but has also taken the health experts and scientists by surprise. Ironically, the Centre has done bare minimum to lift ban on neem based products in ASEAN countries.

In these East Asian countries including Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand and Philippines, the committees assigned to have a watch on traditional treatment of diseases and health products, have imposed ban on neem based products.

Dr Ramesh Saksena, associated with trade of neem in China after promoting neem farming in many African countries, has called the move of these ASEAN countries reckless.

He claims that neem has proved to be very helpful in treatment of deadly diseases like cancer and HIV/AIDS. He said that due to illusion, these countries might have considered neem similar to poisonous herb Chinaberry and banned neem.

Many Ayurvedic experts are successfully treating the skin diseases and diabetes with the help of neem based medicines in India. They have asked the Centre to act swiftly to lift ban on these products.

Mukesh Kejariwala\JPN

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