Monday, May 28, 2012

USA - The BYOD Healthcare Challenge – 2012

BYOD is the buzz...not BYOB. Every networking company is chattering about this and every Healthcare CIO is..."should be".."really" concerned. So what does this actually mean?

The Trends

- 81% of employed adults use at least one personally owned device for business use.
- Apple shipped more iPADS in 2 years than MACS in over 20 years.
- 59% of employees use mobile devices to run line of business applications
- 90% have disabled auto-lock for tablets, 75% for smart phones.

IT BYOD Challenges

- 2/3 say preventing unauthorized network access is a somewhat to an extremely important task.
- < 10% of organizations are "fully aware" of the devices access their network.
- 74% of companies allow BYOD usages in some fashion.
- $429,000 is the typical large company loss due to mobile computing mishaps in 2011.
- 1/2 of companies have experienced a data breach due to insecure devices.
- 71% of companies are discussing developing custom mobile applications.

Any BYOD Policy has to be be:

1. Easy to set-up.
2. Does not burden IT resources.
3. Should support a wide range of devices.

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