Friday, August 17, 2012

Vietnam - Shocked with suicide instruction websites

VietNamNet Bridge – Besides pornographic and violent websites, websites teaching how to commit suicide in Vietnamese language have appeared, poisoning children who suffer from depression or those who want to assert themselves in wrong ways.

Visiting social networks, one will see downhearted lines of confidences and invitation to commit suicide, for example: “I have a family, which is usually called home but it is hell to me. Because only in hell, every man is for himself and damn each other. My parents criticize and insult each other every day. I really hate this life. Where are you? Please give me your address. I will come to you. We have nothing to have affection for this life.”

An 11 grade schoolboy wrote: “I’m completely depressed because I’m suspected to be a pilferer at my class. I cannot stand up. Let’s give me advice!”

“Let’s help me! I’m desperate. I don’t know what to do,” another wrote.

Besides these lines are topic with terrified titles, such as: “Manual for committing suicide,” “Guide to death,” “Free online class teaching how to commit suicide”, etc.”

In these topics, various ways to die are put forward, for example: commiting suicide by petrol, by getting a shock in bathtub, etc. After giving instruction, “experts” warn readers to not follow the instruction, just reading for fun.

“Experts” also warned that all ways to death make suicides to be ugly after death. They suggested a “romantic death”: Sleeping in a closed room with one million roses.

Most of readers of these topics are students.

However, these topics are not for fun because some sucides happened recently, with similar scenarios instructed on the Internet.

Most recently, a 11th grade schoolboy in Ha Tinh province burnt himself just because his avowal of love was refused.

Earlier, a schoolgirl was prevented from jumping from Long Bien Bridge to the Red River in Hanoi.

Some teens commit suicided for absurd reasons: having agurment with girl/boyfriends, being hindered to love someone, being insulted, being neglected by parents, etc.

It is dangerous if teens in depression visit these websites.


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