Monday, December 30, 2013

Amateur designs popular hospital software

Huynh Ngoc Tien (L, 1st) of southernmost Ca Mau province is providing guidance in how to use his software hospital management called Hossoft to staff at a local clinic.

Though Huynh Ngoc Tien of southernmost Ca Mau province didn’t finish high school and has never received formal training in information technology, he successfully designed a software hospital management called Hossoft, which excels over others of its kind and has increasingly been adopted by local hospitals.

Tien, 48, of Tan An commune in Ngoc Hien district, has done different jobs to earn his living. He happened to know compute science, and taught himself how to use the computer. The more he learned it, the more hooked he is. He then used all his savings to purchase a computer to practice on.

Soon after his computer skills improved, Nguyen Chi Dung, director of a Ngoc Hien district General Hospital, one of Tien’s acquaintances, suggested that Tien write an overall hospital management software for ease of use and greater effectiveness. He explained that he had hired an IT company to do the task, but they said they could just design softwares for separate sections in the hospital, not all in one. Tien then took on the challenge, though he wasn’t quite sure of his chance of success.

Though Tien received no pay for the job, he hung around the hospital 24/7 for several months to observe its activities. During one year and a half, from mid-2006 to late 2007, Tien worked hard on his software named Hossoft, version 1.0.

His efforts finally paid off, the software was finished and run on a trial basis at Ngoc Hien district General Hospital. After his early success, Tien upgraded it to the version 2.0 in late 2008, but users initially doubted its effectiveness.

“At first I was also skeptical, but after thorough evaluation, I found that the software meets the technical needs and boasts high accuracy,” commented Tran Quoc Chinh - deputy head of the Ca Mau’s Department of Information and Communications.

Tien’s software has gradually earned users’ trust and it has even beaten several others of its kind.
His 3.0 version of Hossoft won the first prize of a local creativity competition in 2010. One year later, the provincial Department of Science and Technology purchased the right to the software, which is currently used by seven State-owned hospitals, including Ca Mau Hospital - the province's largest- and two private clinics.

The hospitals’ managements think really highly of Tien’s software, as it helps them cut considerably patients’ waiting time and the hospitals’ staff, manage their different sectors such as pharmaceutical and medical insurance sectors effectively. Tien’s software also allows hospital management boards to keep good check on their hospital activities and minimize their staff’s wrongdoings.

Tien has also set up his own company to produce his patented hospital management softwares.

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