Sunday, April 24, 2016

Indonesia - Indonesian Ambassador Furious over Workers Deportation

Seoul - Indonesian Ambassador to South Korea John A. Prasetio said that the issue with fake certificates for Indonesian migrant workers had damaged the country’s reputation.

Following a deportation of an Indonesian worker from Incheon Airport due to suffering tuberculosis, another Indonesian migrant worker from Indramayu, SU, was also deported.

When SU arrived at Incheon Airport on April 19, 2016, the 24-year old man had to be deported when he was found suffering from TB during a medical checkup. SU’s situation added to the long list of deported Indonesians due to health reasons and reflected collusion practices among clinics and migrant workers.

“Indonesia is one of the countries with the most deported workers,” said an airport staff as quoted from a press release issued by the Indonesian Embassy in Seoul on Friday, 22 April 2016.

Ambassador John said that he had sent a complaint letter to the government, however the deportation incident recurred that it would harm the reputation of Indonesian workers in general.

“The practice of providing fake certificates cannot be justified under any reasons. Indonesia is a great country that must show discipline before other countries,” John added in a furious tone.

SU was reportedly aware of his disease before he went to South Korea. He also admitted that he had an agreement with the clinic releasing the clinic from any responsibilities, should any unfavorable situations occur.

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