Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Cambodia - Health Sector on Notice

Legal action will be taken against health institutes that offer a low quality of care, according to a directive issued by the Minister of Health last week, which also emphasized the importance of digital record keeping in the medical sector.

“There are still some health professionals abusing ministry instructions and directives. While most respect and follow the ministry’s advice, the ministry wants to advise those health professionals both in the public and private sector to follow directives. Legal action will be taken if they disrespect it,” Dr. Mam Bun Heng’s directive said.

He sought to address doctors with compromised ethical codes, specifically those who prioritize profit over patient care. Dr. Bun Heng emphasized the importance of proper digital record keeping, which is viewed as more usable, as well as thorough research into patient histories, diseases, treatments and diagnoses.

The digitization of prescriptions is also important, he added, saying that typed prescriptions are easier to read.

“The ministry will provide a three-month period for the preparation of computer systems after this directive is released. If any institutions do not follow these instructions, they will face legal procedure,” the directive said, adding that private clinics will be shut down if they do not digitize their records.

The directive also ordered the pharmaceutical sector not to overcharge for prescription drugs, something the ministry’s Department of Medicine, Food and Cosmetics of Health will monitor.

Mom Kunthear

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